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Best Masturbation Facts

Some of the Best Masturbation Facts!

How many people are masturbating right now? How many people are having an orgasm right now?

Welcome, to our list of Best Masturbation Facts. Let’s not fuck around, let’s get straight into it!

Best Masturbation Facts

Masturbation Fact 1 – Right now, at this very moment, there are 33 million men and 8 million women masturbating around the world.
The important question is, are you one of them? And if not, why not?

Masturbation Fact 2 – Right now, at this very moment, there are 8 million men around the world cumming, right now, at this second. They are blowing a thick wad of cum onto their hand.
That is 24,000 litres of cum being released just at this moment!
That will give you something to think about today. Enjoy!

Masturbation Fact 3 – the under 24 age group masturbates the most, which isn’t surprising at all, you wankers!

Masturbation Fact 4 – around a quarter of men and women say masturbation is more pleasurable than having intercourse.

Masturbation Fact 5 – Poms (people from the United Kingdom) are the biggest wankers, but we knew that, didn’t we. (smiling)

Masturbation Fact 6 – very few people (less than 20%) will even discuss masturbation with a partner. That is sad. You should all wank, and you should all talk about wanking. What’s wrong with you? Its natural, as natural and essential as pissing and shitting!

Masturbation Fact 7 – About a third of men and women fantasise about a previous partner whilst masturbating. They also fantasise about their current partner about a third of the time while masturbating. Interesting…

Masturbation Fact 8 – about 5%, slight higher for men than women, have masturbated while driving the car.

Masturbation Fact 9 – most men will watch porn to help get them off whilst masturbating. And I suppose when they are not fantasising about their past lovers. Most women need to use a sex toy to help them get off whilst masturbating.

Masturbation Fact 10 – People in a relationship will masturbate on average 11 times a month and it is not uncommon for males to masturbate after sex, even if they had an orgasm during sex.

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