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Best Masturbation Facts

Some of the Best Masturbation Facts!

How many people are masturbating right now? How many people are having an orgasm right now?

Welcome, to our list of Best Masturbation Facts. Let’s not fuck around, let’s get straight into it!

Best Masturbation Facts

Masturbation Fact 1 – Right now, at this very moment, there are 33 million men and 8 million women masturbating around the world.
The important question is, are you one of them? And if not, why not?

Masturbation Fact 2 – Right now, at this very moment, there are 8 million men around the world cumming, right now, at this second. They are blowing a thick wad of cum onto their hand.
That is 24,000 litres of cum being released just at this moment!
That will give you something to think about today. Enjoy!

Masturbation Fact 3 – the under 24 age group masturbates the most, which isn’t surprising at all, you wankers!

Masturbation Fact 4 – around a quarter of men and women say masturbation is more pleasurable than having intercourse.

Masturbation Fact 5 – Poms (people from the United Kingdom) are the biggest wankers, but we knew that, didn’t we. (smiling)

Masturbation Fact 6 – very few people (less than 20%) will even discuss masturbation with a partner. That is sad. You should all wank, and you should all talk about wanking. What’s wrong with you? Its natural, as natural and essential as pissing and shitting!

Masturbation Fact 7 – About a third of men and women fantasise about a previous partner whilst masturbating. They also fantasise about their current partner about a third of the time while masturbating. Interesting…

Masturbation Fact 8 – about 5%, slight higher for men than women, have masturbated while driving the car.

Masturbation Fact 9 – most men will watch porn to help get them off whilst masturbating. And I suppose when they are not fantasising about their past lovers. Most women need to use a sex toy to help them get off whilst masturbating.

Masturbation Fact 10 – People in a relationship will masturbate on average 11 times a month and it is not uncommon for males to masturbate after sex, even if they had an orgasm during sex.

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Male Masturbation Confessions

MALE MASTURBATION CONFESSIONS – Guys will masturbate anytime, anywhere. Even after having sex with a lover, guys are quite happy to go away and rub it off, again. They love their dicks, they love playing with them, and they love rubbing their cocks until they spurt hot cum out the end! It is what guys do. It is our reason for existing. So why not come here often, sit down and watch the cam girls and rub one off until you splat your load all over the place. We encourage it, we want you to do it. We welcome your cock pulling! Sit back, whip it out and enjoy!

male masturbation confessions

Here below we have listed some stories that have been sent to us, stories that are really male masturbation confessions. We don’t published names or locations, we just publish the stories as sent to us.

We hope you enjoy these male masturbation confessions. Want to send us yours? Send them to “wankers” at this website.


My sister in law was visiting, staying for a few days. I had always been attracted to her and she would often flirt with me, but it never went anywhere. Well, it couldn’t have coz my wife would have killed us both. BUT!!! One day the girls were out shopping and I was feeling hard and horny.I noticed in the washing basket that there was a pair of panties on top that were unfamiliar. I figured they were my sister in laws. You won’t believe it but yes, I picked them up and sniffed them. Fuck she smelt hot! It was too much for me. I started pulling my hard, swollen dick. I was in heaven. I was fantasising about touching her, feeling her, kissing her all over and it wasn’t long before my dick exploded with love juice and I blew all over her panties. I wiped up, and put them back on top of the pile. Fuck that was so good I did it a few times. Sadly, they caught me doing it a few days later. My sister in law laughed, smiled and gave me a look that was encouraging. My wife killed me.


Sometimes I would get bored at work. And when a guy gets bored whats the best thing to do? Yes, I went to the bathroom, whipped out my dick and started pulling it. It felt so good and it wasn’t long before I blew my load. One of my work colleagues figured this out. She threaten to tell everyone if I didn’t help her out. She wanted to watch. We arranged to work late one night and when we were sure everyone had gone, we went into the gents toilets and I pulled my dick while she watched. Just as I was about to cum, she put her hand under my dick and told me to blow on her hand. I did. Fuck that was hot. We never did it again.


We were at a nude beach one day, the sort of nude beach where there are also lots of fucking and sucking going on in the sand dunes. One day a guy sat near us. He had a hot looking dick. I told my wife. The guy stood up sand went to the nearest dune a few times, coming back a few minutes later and smiling at us. My wife said next time I should follow him. So I did. He was sitting there wanking. I sat down and joined him, without saying anything. He looked at my hard dick and smiled, then closed his eyes and blew his load. When he was finished he suggested I do the same. I rubbed my dick looking at his, wanting to touch it. Then I came. I had never had anything to do with a guy before this but it was a fucking hot team wank!


In my younger, crazier teens, or should I say late teens, one of my close friends used to always talk about wanking together, as a group of friends. We all thought he was crazy but I guess he was just waiting for that night when we would all be drunk together. Such a night happened and he suggested we play a game called soggy biscuit. We knew what this was, he had mentioned it often. Too drunk to care, we all flogged out our dicks and started to pull them. He reached for a packet of biscuits nearby, put one on a table and told us all to wank like crazy. He did too. One by one we all came. In the end he was last, and he ate the biscuit we had all cum on. True.


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