Masturbation confessions

Masturbation Confessions

Masturbation Confessions

Welcome to Masturbation Confessions, a site dedicated to the art of Masturbation for men, women and everyone in between. We want to talk about masturbating, we want to encourage you to masturbate, and we want to confess our dirtiest wanking stories with you, or read your own confessions. And just imagine… you know we would love to watch you masturbate. Just lay back and imagine that, we are watching you.

PLEASE NOTE CHROME USERS – Sometimes the Chrome browser blocks the web cams that are embedded in websites. For those of you who are just visiting to look at web cams of guys and girls, you can find all the girls and guys cams here on our mirror website. When you click this link it will take you to our other website. Enjoy. For those who want to get serious about masturbating read on…

As Confucius said many moons ago, once a wanker, always a wanker. And it’s not just old Confucius who says its good for you!. Recent medical research has shown there are significant mental and physical benefits from regular masturbation and one research paper recently suggested that for males, having an orgasm 21 times a month or more, throughout their lives, saw a significant decrease in prostate cancer. And we all know that the only way a guy is going to cum 21 times a month is if he wanks a lot. So, do it!

Join us, wank together with us, wank alone whilst you look at images on this site, read the confessions, or enjoy our collection of masturbation ebooks. Think of it as your relaxing, unfussed home for masturbation.

And please note, this is a new site, we are still adding new features and soon we hope to be able to post your masturbation confessions.

If you would like to send us your stories, send them to “wankers” at this website.

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