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Female Masturbation Confessions

FEMALE MASTURBATION CONFESSIONS – We all love masturbating, it is just that we don’t always talk about with others. Many of us will have stories of masturbating in circumstances that might have been embarrassing if caught. Some of us will have stories about being caught masturbating, and sometimes being caught masturbating in public! Isn’t that a shocker!. Caught with your pants down and doing some self love – and someone walks in on you, mid act.

female masturbation confessions

Here below we have listed some stories that have been sent to us, stories that are really female masturbation confessions. We don’t published names or locations, we just publish the stories as sent to us.

We hope you enjoy these female masturbation confessions. Want to send us yours? Send them to “wankers” at this website.


Hi, my story is simple, really. I was living at home, with the family. At night I would get horny and sneak down to the kitchen and take a carrot or cucumber from the fridge and sneak back to my room. Then I would lay on my bed, legs wide open and insert the vegetable inside me. I would imagine some guy I had seen that day, or some guy I would love to have sex with and I just rubbed myself furiously while I was fucking my pussy with the fruit. I can remember those days so clearly and it was so exciting. I was lucky I was never caught. Anyhow… the twist is, I would then sneak back down to the kitchen and put the vegetable back into the fridge. lol. Bit naughty, sure, but what the hell. You do crazy things when you get super horny! I have never told anybody about this, of course.


My family had gone out for the day, as they regularly did. I was home alone, and fucking horny. I went to my bedroom and grabbed my hairbrush. The handle was my usual “sex toy”. Feeling relaxing and knowing I would be alone for hours, I turned on the record player, sat on the loungeroom floor and started wanking like crazy, as a girl does! fuck me, if five minutes later my mum doesn’t come walking in. They had forgotten something. I was very lucky that SHE came in and not my dad or siblings. But she was a pretty strict parent. She looked at me, shook her head and simply said, “Don’t be so stupid” and walked out the door. Well… that sure put an end to my masturbation that day.


I know this is sick but sometimes I would get so horny touching myself that I would lower my cunt down onto the knob on the end of the bed. You know, the end of the frame has two bits of wood sticking up with a sort of knob on the end. Well this one was just the sort of size and shape that could give a girl ideas and one day, out of desperation for sex I decided to let it fuck me. I lowered myself onto it and rubbed my clit like crazy with my silly imagination. I know if someone had come in I would have looked like a complete idiot.Still today I blush thinking about it. And I could have hurt myself. Anyhow… after doing this sort of thing for a few months I decided maybe it was time I got the real thing and went out and found some dick it use.


I met this guy in the stairwell to my apartment one day and somehow we end up talking about masturbation. He tells me he is happy for me to watch anytime I want, and he wouldn’t mind watching me. All of that did my mind in and I rejected the idea instantly. Back home I got horny thinking about it and rubbed like crazy that night. The next day I bump into him again. He asks did I do it. I blushed at such a direct question. He laughed and said he knew I did. I asked if he did it. He said he does it every night. He also said if I wanted to watch that night, he would leave his door unlocked and would be doing it at 8.30pm. Even though I knew I wouldn’t, sure enough at 8.30 that night I pushed the door to his place open slowly. I could see a light on in the bedroom. Slowly I walked there. I could hear porn noises. I looked inside the door. He was wanking his fucking huge cock looking at people fucking on his laptop. He encouraged me to come in and watch. After a few minutes I was so turned on, I pulled my panties down and we both masturbated together. It was to fucking hot. We never screwed or touched each other but a few times a week I went up there and we pleased ourselves together. Loved it. He also had the biggest fucking dick I have ever seen!


this could be your confession…

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